Maddy G Style Closet Re-Do

Hi all! Please carefully read the below if you are interested in working with me for a closet re-do. 

How it works: similar to the personal style decks, this deck will include various slides, depending on which type of closet re-do you choose from (the mini or the regular). Each slide will include pictures and links to products for you to easily purchase from.

After you have selected which closet re-do you want (the mini or the regular), please fill out the form below. I will also reach out to you via text message for any other information that is needed/to send you the completed closet re-do. I can also hop on a call to discuss ideas if speaking on the phone is more comfortable for you.  (extra fee for phone and zoom calls).

*Please allow me 10 to 15 business days to complete your closet re-do. I want to take my time and make sure I am selecting the best options for you and your new closest!*

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